As 2015 new year resolution, a Zumba instructor with a Masters of Accounting degree who didn't want to be an accountant bought an online pet supply business selling personalised pet ID tags. This is pretty much where it all started — a fairly steep learning curve to become tiny part of ecommerce, although the accounting part was never ever out of the picture.

Through the learning while doing process, I realised that the internet is just like an ocean for you to dive into, with your waves of ideas. So I founded a few websites, doing news and media stuff, and also some digital downloading businesses. I even set up my personal website showcasing photos I take while backpacking. Then I bought some iOS and Android apps, re-skinned and re-branded them and started marketing in app stores, and that’s where I learned a lot more coding. 

It came to end of year 2017, after 6 months of writing, recording and producing 12 songs for my first album, and hours and hours of learning AI and machine learning with coding in Python, me and my partner set up a stall business selling at local markets. It’s just really an excuse for us to drag our asses to the great outdoors and meet people. 

This online gift shop is the digital existence of our stall business, so you’ll be taken care of just like the customers we meet and have a chat with in a real market, no matter how many miles between us. And we will keep providing you all the hand-crafted pretty little things that can add some bling bling and beautiful colours to brighten up our lives. We will also try our best to find the most efficient and secure way to deliver the little charms into your hands.

Year 2018, I’m still teaching Zumba, coding, writing and producing new songs, and as well doing journals and ledgers on a daily basis. And now I have another baby to nurture— Qonvia, my little weekend stall and online gift shop.